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Ekvod 2.0 Video On Demand ( Online Video and Videoclip)

09-07-2011 13:13| Разместил: admin| Просмотров: 7957| Комментарии: 6|Автор: dadix

Название: Ekvod
Версия: 2.0
Кодировка: GBK
Язык: Китайский 
Оф. сайт:
Ucenter: Да
Лицензия: Open Source

Website forum:

If download link not works:

My personal comment: English translation will be appreciated.

First, the background design of the new

1, add the management of videos:
Add video management video is more convenient to add and manage more simplistic classification, support the classification alias, classification page template settings, add special features films, increasing tag labels, increase the alphabetical classification of films, serials management, and recommended management features such as video error management!

2, generating a static page management:
All stations can generate a key, you can also produce according to category pages can also be generated by the content page ID, you can choose to produce that day, or 3 days of the video, generate site map, google and baidu maps, rss file, js files, project generated pages, custom page generation, etc.!

3, a powerful custom collection:
Add sites can follow the acquisition category, a key acquisition for the entire station can also be collected separately, the operation more flexible! Acquisition Category setting more flexible, you can specify the classification target station can also be collected in accordance with the classification system settings and then automatically translate into categories, you can specify only a recent acquisition
Video within a few days, the player can choose!
Online rules test, replace the function of a strong, powerful plug-in support, a powerful breakthrough in anti-hotlinking feature allows you to capture any site more convenient!
Collection to a temporary database storage, easy management and storage operations, the temporary database management functions can easily modify and manage your movie collection to avoid errors caused by site acquisition issues, storage can be set when faced with the movie: Intelligent coverage, additional head address, address, additional tail, covering the address, add data, other than just update the address information, you can choose a variety of storage methods!
Export and import rules more convenient way to export rules to base64 encryption, to facilitate sharing of data is not lost!

4, the template tag management:
Direct management of post-template file, you can edit, add templates, template tag wizards, custom labels to add management!

5, integrated advanced tools
Duplication of data can be easily detected if you look at the database the same name the film, the data batch replace function allows you to easily replace the video database video name, video profile, etc., remove the source function can be specified to delete the specified data source, database backup, database restore, database optimization features, a powerful function of scheduled tasks: the development time can be automatically executed at the specified file, in case of need, you can also easily be extended for the program features! File verification is Trojan scan tool allows you to test your site by malicious programs!

6, expansion options
Background documents can be directly set the ad, calling the ad code, Links management!

7, system settings
System parameter setting: a key switch in the background dynamic operation mode, the static operation mode, pseudo-static operation mode, you can set the front folder name, select the operation mode, etc., set up a variety of important settings!
Player settings, play the source settings: you can set the playback order shown in the foreground sources
System administrators to manage, you can set the system administrator (with full permissions) and website editing (only with data management authority), etc.

8, the online upgrade function
If the background will be prompted to upgrade the new file, direct online upgrade in the background!

9 resource library online collection function
Can collect the official repository, a few clicks with the mouse can get a lot of data!

10, the database images online download
Program automatically detects whether the outside with pictures and instructions to download, can break through the anti-hotlinking images

Second, powerful caching system
EKVOD2.0 way with the new cache, the template can be cached, the cache database, set the switch directly in the background to keep your system running more smoothly, more quickly generate static pages, the background static page generation speeds of up to 100 pages per second ( the highest rate of non-generated), open only 0.00 seconds dynamic page, open the database cache basically do not read the database, you can save more resources!

Third, the powerful and flexible template tags:
2.0 Add a tag label, letter letter label, album, labels and more flexible universal time tag, universal paging labels, please see the documentation for compression of the bag!

Fourth, players can customize the file
They need to set up their own players, add flexibility, flexible set!

Fifth, strong load capacity, and security filtering
Database design patterns and caching can take more online, stringent security filters by professional security auditors audited the code, so that your system more safe and efficient operation!

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Цитата arhangel 20-07-2011 09:28
У нее зашифрованые исходники zend"ом
Цитата darkOnoid 28-07-2011 17:57
добавил arhangel в 20-7-2011 10:28
У нее зашифрованые исходники zend"ом

Ни чего подобного
Цитата vadim740 20-01-2012 23:23
Скрипт на уровне профи ! меют делать
Цитата me2k 14-03-2012 10:15
хорошо смотрится шаблон, интересно какой он получится с русскими названиями
Цитата artel-st 19-04-2012 15:05
Плохо что языковые константы в отдельные файлы не вынесены, чтобы перевести - придется попотеть изрядно.
Цитата widik 15-05-2012 19:07

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