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Community Real Estate v2.3

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Опубликовано 18-05-2011 10:58:28 | Показать все сообщения |Режим чтения
сообщение dadix изменено 18-5-2011 11:39

Community Real Estate v2.3

Community Real Estate 2.0 Release more than six months, our Chief Operating according to their actual situation made ​​many recommendations , the Current Product Integration of these Proposals and the Original Plan. The following Will Show some of the features in the Hope to Help Owners understand the new version as soon as possible feature points, ahead of time to develop operational plans.

One Bright Spot: the Template customization, new Blue style

New Version of the community property adjusted based on the Original style of the Original Head of navigation, and add a Blue style, and the forum a more Unified Whole.
Green style head

Blue style head

    Highlights II: urgent and top housing and support micro-payments

Web site up Special Points SET, the top housing consumption Urgent need to Support Points, recharge can be Achieved through the Integration of Micro Payments, to Achieve the purpose of Profit.
Top urgent to set

Effects of top housing rush

    Highlight three: self-Help Application for Brokers

     Real estate brokers in the site is a very important role, one by one if the owners talk about, the inevitable cost is relatively high, some brokers if they can get themselves up, we will be able to open after the owners review the background, Significantly reduce Operating costs you can, SO that Owners have more Energy to do more Valuable Things. The new Version Will be able to Wish you a Hand!
Brokers Home

Brokers List

More exciting features, please continue to pay attention phpwind Official Forum ~

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Идея: 5 Уникальность: 5 Актуальность: 5
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